TimestampHow would you identify yourself as?On a scale from 1 to 10 how much are you interested in video game toilets?Why? ^ (explain your interest level)On a scale from 1 to 10 how much are you interested in video game vents (air vents)?Why? ^ (explain your interest level)On a scale from 1 to 10 how much are you interested in video game boxes/barrels?Why? ^ (explain your interest level)If you are interested in game toilets, what got you interested in video game toilets in the first place?If you are interested in game toilets, do you follow any social media or documentation of video game toilets? If so, please list them below.What is special/unique about toilets to you? What role do toilets play in your life?Check the following if they apply to youWhat values (cultural, political, etc.) do you think toilets present in games?Your favorite memory of a toilet in a video gameWhat aspects of toilets in games do you think appeal to you personally (if any)Any interesting findings or discoveries you've found in your time with toilets?
11/24/2017 15:23:36Gamer, Game Developer1Why would I have a specific interest in toilets when I have my own in my house3They're cool when used in context I guess4They have a chance of containing cool stuff. you must be joking.I shit in themI have worked on toilets in real lifethey unite the world. everyone is common in the fact that they have to take a shit once in a where I never had to read this survey.i think you have a problemI hope your professor locks you in one
11/24/2017 15:24:24Game Developer8Toilets man, toilets! 5Who need air? 10Better if they are explosiveSadly not They are a place to peacefully meditate I have worked on toilets in real life
11/24/2017 15:28:09Gamer10having toilets in a video game shows your attention to detail and i think thats rad10having air vents in a video game shows your attention to detail and i think thats rad10having boxes/barrels in a video game shows your attention to detail and i think thats radi love attention to detail man and having a toilet in your video game shows thatnot currently but im lookingthey're special to me because they're the only place im legally allowed to dispose of my internal wasteI have read literature about video game toiletsit represents physical health as it disposes of your waste for you instead of it lying all over the flooryou know that one in the one gamei can relate to them because i also contain a lot of shitpeople dont appreciate it when you pee outside the toilet bowl
11/24/2017 15:28:12Gamer, Game Developer8It's a real life thing of a shitty business. I like them interactive as much as possible. Open it, close it, flush it and make the main character to be able to take shit and piss in it. Some games have a few of these features. I loved SOMA's toilet, or Duke Nukem 3D's.7Good way for alternative, sneaky path. Surprise some enemies from above or avoid them.8Barrels can be hiding places, but also killers. Explosive ones are cool, but two edged swords. Sometimes you can build tower of them to reach higher places, but their shapes make it harder to make them stable.Duke Nukem had cool, usable toilets, enemies used them, Duke pissed into them had felt good after it. Toilets are part of our reality, games need them.Actually no, but I like them in games. Many different implementations exist.Peeing, shitting. Opening, closing, flushing... Sometimes crap stuck... you need to deal with them.I have worked on a toilet in a video gameWell, they're part of our lives... other than that, I don't know.Duke Nukem 3D's toilets, SOMA's toilet in Simon's apartment. Not exactly a toilet, but shit related, the Great Mighty Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day.Interactivity in all the ways, including destruction.Shit can stuck... That's a shitty situation.
11/24/2017 15:29:27Game Journalist6ok8cool stuff10huge mgs fanduke nukem forever good gamestopthey take me out of shitty situationsI have read literature about video game toilets, I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toiletsthe value of microtransactionsthrowing shitthey both take lots of shit from othersits art
11/24/2017 15:29:53Gamer7I enjoy seeing how everyday mundane things are portrayed or used in games. Other things like garbage cans, fire extinguishers, phones, and tvs also peek my interest in this way.10I love stealth games so I see vents as a means of stealth movement through an environment.4If they don't explode or I can't climb them, then I don't have much interest in them.Flushing toilets in Duke Nukem 3D.No I don't My toilet has a heated seat and bidet so it's pretty sweet compared to the average toilet. I have worked on toilets in real lifeThey represent western civilization's cleanliness, infrastructure, and our shame of bodily functions.Interrogating someone by bashing their head into a toilet in one of the Splinter Cell games.They help create a more recognizable environment.No not really
11/24/2017 15:37:03Gamer, Game Developer9Game toilets are better than real life toilets: Same sleek design but no smell6Air vents are okay. I just think toilets are more interesting8DONKEY KONGIt's been a lifelong fascination, really.I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toiletsI suppose they could promote immersion! Humor too!I used to play Sims a lot when I was younger. I had this one sim who just refused to walk to the bathroom (I think it was a pathfinding bug) and he would just 'relieve himself' on the floor. So, I just built toilets in every room of the house and it worked -- he stopped going all over my hardwood floors... Except it made things super weird because he'd just walk into a room full of people and drop his pants (not even caring about the other people in the room). So, people would be sitting down to eat dinner and then that sim would walk in and start using the toilet, and staring all of them down as they tried to eat their dinner. It was pretty funny, actually. All of them?Too many to describe!
11/24/2017 15:39:20Gamer, Game Developer2They are usually low res, so when they are not, it’s cool. Also in Fallout you can drink from them.1Just don’t care7They hold important things more often than notFallout I have worked on toilets in real life
11/24/2017 15:41:04All of the above5Frankly, I haven't ever reflected on the subject before now.6Air vents hold a little more interest because I use them mechanically in games more frequently.4I don't think much about level doodads I suppose.I use them and at times I plunge them.I have worked on toilets in real lifeAcknowledgement of base human need and nature.I honestly don't think I have one unless Conker's Bad Fur Day counts.The fact that we include them as background detail in so many games despite the fact that they are such a disposable, physical, primitive thing.Most people don't know basic toilet maintenance and will sometimes just leave toilets in private homes nonfunctional without even alerting anyone else to the fact that they are clogged/broken/etc. Like, yeah I guess it's kinda embarrassing to say you fucked up my toilet, but c'mon, just tell me so I don't start flooding the bathroom with water. It's not so hard.
11/24/2017 15:50:59Gamer, Game Developer7Small details in games, such as toilets, are very important to me, as they so much more realism and life to a game.6Vents may be useful in certain games such as Alien Isolation and whatnot, and monsters can pop out of them, but a player normally cannot interact with them, as they are stuck to the wall.5These, to put it simply, are everywhere, so they have no uniqueness that intrigues me.You! While playing Layers of Fear.I do notThey make a satisfying flush in video games, and in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you can sit on the toilet and it will flush when you stand (though unfortunately, Link does not ever pull down his pants, which is disappointing and unrealistic). In my life, they allow me to excrete my huge dining hall dinners in peace, which I very much appreciate. I have worked on toilets in real lifeDifferent cultures use different kinds of toilets, so I think having those unique toilets depending on the video game world's location or culture could be great details that make those cultures feel more real and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link can sit (fully-clothed, though) on the toilet, and it will flush when he stands up. Then, at night, there is a hand coming out of the toilet.Being able to make your character actually use them.Sometimes a toilet in my old house wouldn't refill with water, making it unflushable. To fix it, you need to open the back part of the toilet and raise the drain plug. The water hadn't refilled because the chain that raised the plug had disconnected from the flushing mechanism, but reattaching it would fix it.
11/24/2017 15:56:43Gamer, Game Developer1Characters can't really go to the toilet in a video game. They're only really there for aesthetic 1They are just props? I mean unless they're part of the main gameplay which isn't really the case with most games they're just same, maybe slightly above toilets10They are iconic props in video games. See a barrel you know it should blow up, see a box you know it should explode into species They let me evacuate my bowls.I have worked on toilets in real lifeNone, some toilets maybe different in some parts of the world. But they really have no significance None, nothing about a toilet in a game appeals to mefloaters
11/24/2017 15:58:21Game Developer3 Toilets need to be there for game immersion reason with human characters, but otherwise aren’t necessary 5 Air vents are a little cooler, pun intended. They have more relevance in adventure games, because stealth missions may require them. 9 Boxes and barrels are everywhere! What is inside them is a mystery! I must know! Pondering the question “Do these characters ever go to the bathroom?“I have read literature about video game toilets In the video game Banjo-Kazooie, there is a level called Mad Monster Mansion. There are toilets in several rooms. When your character transforms into a tiny pumpkin, one of the toilets leads to a secret passage/septic tank. It was pretty gross.

Runner up: Conker’s Bad Fur day: Song of the Great Mighty Poo.
11/24/2017 16:20:48Gamer10Currently, they're something you can demolish in Fortnite for resources to build with. Prior, they're usually a place that developers put jumpscares, extra ammo, or secrets. Toilets are rad!8Ways to get from place to place (Batman series)10You can hide in them, use for covers, or blow them up. What's not to like?Goldeneye 007 had video game toilets, and made for a hilarious place to put bad guys or face off against your friends.Noooooooo?Toilets are a sanctuary, a place to get away from the world for a few minutes at a time. I have worked on toilets in real lifeTypically, they're a perfect distillation of the game's current environment. If you're playing a horror game, and you enter into some kind of dilapidated house, chances are the toilet will be intentionally disgusting. Goldeneye 007. Hands down. Don't have specifics on hand, but I feel as though there has been clever graffiti in some, or even a zombie/monster or something. To be honest, I'd love to see some Easter eggs or passwords/cheat codes hidden in a stall (Paintball mode? Etc.)
11/24/2017 16:24:47Game Developer2They aren't an important part of the gameplay unless there's an ammo box or something of interest in there.1Surprisingly, I'm not as interested in them as toilets.4Boxes fill an environment if the area is lacking in 'stuff'. Barrels are good for one thing only (explosions)Finding ammo in them or the thrill of flushing a digital toilet.I don't follow any game toilet media but I do read the Reader's Digest from time to time.It's a good place for deep thought.I have worked on toilets in real lifeCan't pick a favourite.
11/24/2017 16:26:00Gamer10I would totally read a paper about videogame toilets.8I can think of many air vents in games.9Important in games. You always expect to get something out of them. Or be of help of some kind.Some years ago I saw a tumblr dedicated to toilets in games, and it was shocking because I never noticed how frequent this feature is.They are patron saints of our public health, and they concede privacy.I have worked on toilets in real lifeIt shows no matter what the context, humans have phisiological necessities.First thing you see in Portal. You may be treated like a robot, used in test chambers... But it reminds you that you are still human.If they got any interaction to it (sound of flushing,etc)
11/24/2017 16:38:44Gamer, Game Developer6I like to loot them and see if they have opening and closing mechs.5To crawl through9Love hiding in themGames where they try to disturb you with them (ex. RE7)Nope, but I shouldThe idea of what goes into them disguise someI have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeThere something we all use and buy so economicReaching into the toilet in Resident Evil 7Taking stuff out of them (phone :/)That the water in the top is super clean
11/24/2017 16:42:11Gamer, Game Developer2Their mostly benign objects without much significance, and making them significant usually involves something gross.8Vents are an interesting environment, particularly in survival horror games, as they enclose the player while also being a route of further exploration. That sense of trapping while also liberating is an interesting dynamic.5They ae very versatile objects that typically see a lot of use in platformers and shooters. While benign on the exterior, they can contain rather interesting contents. That dynamic makes for an interesting reward system for players who explore and interact with objects.They let me flush waste, that's about it.I have worked on toilets in real lifeThey can be used to highlight differences in parts of the world where toilets, public toilets, or proper sewage systems aren't established things. In Silent Hill 3, the protagonist, Heather, refuses to dig around in a toilet for items and asks who would ever think about doing something like that. This line only plays if the console detects Silent Hill 2 save data, as the line references the protagonist of that game, James, who would regularly find items hidden in toilets.All of the aspects of toilets kind of repulse me, but that is still a valid emotional response that can be utilized in games and other media.In general, the Silent Hill games have an interesting relationship to toilets and bathrooms that may be worth while to look into. (Can you tell I like those games and did my research paper on one?)
11/24/2017 16:50:51Gamer, Game Developer3I mean, the polish of a flushing toilet is always nice, but I don't think it's a major component to the game6Vents can be used as another means of exploration/level detail that can create new strategies and/or possible strategies on how a player may approach/navigate their environment.8They normally contain some form of loot, and loot is always good :)I can release my bodily wastes without being judged. It's a pretty sweet deal.I have read literature about video game toiletsPolish/attention to detailThe side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword where you had to help someone who hid in a toilet
11/24/2017 16:53:54Gamer, Game Developer6I've used toilets in puzzle design before due to their unique sillouette8They seem to be used in different genres for getting from room to room.8Often smashable/explodable. useful for killing enemies and acquiring loot.Having to design using one.No...Having to share one with someone who doesn't care about its cleanliness is one of the most arduous things i have to deal with at the moment. So they provide both relief and intense stress.I have worked on a toilet in a video gamethe state of rooms wherein ppl dispose of waste is a good indicator of the amount of care that goes into maintaining the establishment (dirty toilet->not as much effort into cleaning; posh toilet->wealthy clientele)noneunique silhouette.the mechanics of how flushing works is cool.
11/24/2017 16:56:27Gamer, Game Journalist8Toilets are so common in first person games, its interesting to see how they're employed in the game play (if they're used at all)9Like wooden crates, these elements are so common to first person computer games it almost feels like a lazy move. 8Funny - I had not even seen this question when answering the previous one... It's not interesting per se, these are elements that are easy trips for designers to use without having to explain their use. If I see a crate, I'm going to try smashing it.It would have to be Half-Life. I remember asking myself, why would they include these? I feel like that game started a lot of these tropes but there may be others before it.

It's interesting that the toilet of all things is a constant. More interesting is how many games uses them for different purposes. Compare Fallout to Dear Esther for example.
NoWe have a terrible one in our flat. A constant source off frustration!I have worked on toilets in real lifeNot sureHalf Life
11/24/2017 17:00:54All of the above9i find the toilet area's in levels to be the most dense part of the level, when you walk into a public bathroom, it's sort of well known that dev's like to hide loot in toilet stalls or even jump scares. i think bathrooms are like a loot box experience, opening one stall at a time. when i was younger, i would actively avoid bathrooms in video games, because of the implied horror elements to them, in that aspect a bathroom is like a hospital sometimes, every hospital in a video game is creepy just because it's the meta.10an air vent imply's to me an optional route, a sneaky path to go outside of the intended experience and look into the game from alternative vantage point. some times air vents have jump scares like in half life, but i find that is rare. i usually find an air vent to be a safe space to catch my breath, a place i can hide and it's generally implied that enemy a.i. is always too dumb to crawl in the vents after you10boxes are fun, because they play with expectations, and the idea that you might get a reward for breaking something. explosive barrels are also fun, they allow strategy, but also anarchythe furthest back i can remmeber for having a toilet experience in a game, would be in bioshock. almost every bathroom in that game, had some kind of reward or enemy, and if their wasn't an enemy in the men's bathrooms, it was almost guaranteed their was one in the women's. also they were usually flooded as well and there was an implied importance to plumbing in that game.i don't read up on video game toilets, ever.i feel a toilet in reality has the inverse effect on me as it does in a game. in a game a toilet makes me slightly tense, in reality being tense on a toilet would be counter productive. i usually feel safe.I have worked on toilets in real lifei think they are very valuable, but not symbolically in the public's conscious. perhaps a lot of people also feel a slight sense of risk and reward with video game toilets as i do. in which case they can be useful as a short hand from the developer to the player that a potential situation is waiting for them behind the iconic toilet door
i feel every toilet is a dead end to a map, and dev's don't usually have dead ends with no purpose, so to avoid a pointless area, every dev will put something in the bathroom.
in one of the fallout games i opened a stall to find the toilet missing and also the wall, there was a hole leading into a secret passage way. this sort of pulled the rug out from under me, as i was expecting a toilet. this was more rewarding than any ammo or health i was expecting to find in the stall.the mystery, also every bathroom only ever has one way in and out. in that aspect a bathroom is slightly claustrophobicenvironmental story telling most the time. in one of the fallout games there was three human hands in a bathroom sink. that had me thinking about it for quite some time. i would understand one hand or maybe even two but three was perplexing, there was clearly a story here, so i spent a while looking for more evidence. i never figured out why.
but often you'll find a skeleton holding drugs, or a gun. a short micro story that you can understand in a glance.
11/24/2017 17:04:13Gamer, Game Developer7Good game designers think about everything. Including where the characters shit. I think Persona 5 does a good job of using the toilet as a place to recap what happened in your day while also adding a level of believability to the story.8Video game vents show that the artists and designers are at least aware of proper building code. Vents make the environment more believable. More often than not, I see them used as a way of lazily integrating stealth. Its at the point where its just cliche. Designers should keep in mind that real vents break easily, so if they are used for this purpose, then they must look visually sturdy to not break immersion. That being said, I think vents can serve other purposes, which is my primary intrest in them. I think there was one FNaF game that had decent vent design. The air vents served as another entrance you had to watch out for. Another game that kind of used air vents was GTA V where you need to gas an air vent, to clear a place out. 6Grew up playing MGS. Boxes are a great meme. I mean they're ridiculous in terms of stealth design, but if you do them like Hideo Kojima where they are almost comical in nature, I feel like you can get away with them. Boxes and barrels are almost exclusively used as low poly set pieces that are either for throwing or breaking. Not a whole you can do with them.I have read literature about video game toilets
11/24/2017 17:15:25Game Journalist4Usually I try to find out whether the character can 'interact' with the digital loo. 2Games are full of vents. 2And full of those. I guess, it was in a game called Toilet Manager. It showed me the whole variety of ingame toilets. Relief I have read literature about video game toiletsPrivacy, humourFlushing in Duke Nukem 3D.Interactivity Game toilets don't smell.
11/24/2017 17:18:50Gamer, Game Developer7The level of dedication different games put into them is pretty interesting. Some of them let you flush them (Portal), some let you drink from them (ew, Fallout why?), some are just there (Bioshock)7They’re fun to explore and make surprise attacks out of 6I can hide in them or find items in them and that’s helpful Playing games and encountering the varieties of different toilets and he ways with which players can interact with themgod i wish They’re always there for meI have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifethey demonstrate how closely the developers want to emulate real life in their games!ok I have two favorite memories so the first one is the hand in majoras mask asking for paper while trapped in the toilet. The second is in Fallout New Vegas (it might’ve been 3?) when I opened a toilet stall and there was a Protectron on the toilet they’re not usually pertinent to main gameplay yet developers still put effort into establishing them as part of the world
11/24/2017 17:23:57None of the above9this world's gone to shit, so if you want to continue being apart of the world, gotta go to the toilet -- but video games offer a safe space to do so4they don't suck, but they certainly do blow10metal gear and follow the games on game jolta king needs a throne -- have read literature about video game toilets, I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toilets, I have worked on toilets in real lifetrump rhymes with rump and we all know what we put those onall this, this is getting too longnoNO!
11/24/2017 17:24:03Gamer6In Fallout and some other games you can drink toilet water. :D7One word: Stealth5Can hold coins and/ or power-ups.Fallout and other games that allow you to drink from toilets.No. I go to the bathroom with them...I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeAn easy way to get a small amount of health.Flushing them in Half-Life.NoneNone
11/24/2017 17:27:04None of the above10AI poop6Meh9What’s in the box, man?!Your surveyNoHygiene I have worked on toilets in real lifeDigital flowsims - character couldn’t get to it and pooped themselfThe water tank Symbiotic relationship with plumbing
11/24/2017 17:27:34Gamer6You can make a SHIT ton of jokes!8Alien isolation makes good work of them.7They give you good loot.Fallout ones give you defecate into them on a bi-daily schedule.I have worked on toilets in real lifeI got a rocket launcher from one in borderlands.radiationthey smell
11/24/2017 17:51:32
Gamer, Game Developer, Game Journalist, All of the above
10They’re representative of a level of care and detail in a given game5They’re kinda played out2Look up the Crate Review system. It’s really interestingThe exploding toilet in ShockToberNo but I try to tell you when I see good ones My house has a nice toilet. I show it to all my guestsI have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeSocialI like when they’re blackSometimes they flush. Sometimes they don’t. They try their best.
11/24/2017 18:12:47Gamer, Game Developer7You don't see it a lot, and of the times you see it, it's usually underwhelming.2Typical game mechanic at this point, pretty boring mode of transportation.1Hiding place, contains goodies, etc. Very generic and boring.It's general lack of socially acceptable use in game design.No. Unless if you count Megan Fox.I use it a lot, but it's pretty gross and I tend to not dwell on it.I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeIt depicts the mundane within an otherwise fantastical universe.N/A most of them are pretty bad or gimmicky.Fleshing out the world to make you realize that people still gotta take shits, yo.They're not as difficult to install as you'd expect, and the design is absolute genius. Try looking into one/installing one sometime, a lot of talent went into it over so many years.
11/24/2017 18:13:03Gamer, Game Developer7well toilets may be represented different in every videogame that includes one. most of the time to give some gruesome ambientation like broken and dirty toilets in horror games or just to give some realistic enviroment, in every case you have to be careful about how do you design the level where the toilet is in and it can mark a difference as every other aspect of design.9Most of the time we remember the air vents from half life series, it conected the levels where you have an access blocked or to connect to secret levels/ammo supply/shorcuts, etcetera, this should be studied in detail and make a good guide how to implement them.10they can be really useful as elements of gameplay design: for example to complete weight puzzle levels, hiding supplies for the player, cover up, or just level design, they are needed and with great dedication and level of detail.
Good examples for their implementation could be half life series (again).
I think its relatable to our daily lifes and seeing one in a different scenario (violent,horror,funny,etc) can be surreal for us.not really.I have worked on a toilet in a video gamewell some bathrooms in general applies their culture on it, for example in south America argentina we use BIDETS at the side of the toilet but most of the games doesnt have one, this could result in a gross reaction to us thinking about hygiene.Counter strike militia map where there is a toilet with a poop in it.they come in different sizes and shapes, and its ubication in the room may vary between cultures.
11/24/2017 18:26:27Gamer, Game Developer7Toilets are a requirement of humans in civilized society. A lack of toilets in realistic settings takes from believably and immersion.3Immersion yet again. However, its size and videogame/movie tropes of its use for stealthy transportation is something that has always bothered me to a small degree.5Boxes and barrels are a videogame staple. Although a trope and put into strange locations/settings, they do have their purpose and place.Majora's Mask and FalloutNoThey serve a very human need. They can also be a place of tranquility, solitude, and thinking.I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeThey are a sign of civilized societies. They can also represent the place in which they come as different parts of the world have their own take on it.The hand coming out of the toilet in Majora's Mask. It was an odd, hilarious, and memorable moment in videogame history.They can show how much detail developers put into their games.I find the entire history from its inception is very interesting.
11/24/2017 18:33:49Gamer1No interest really.2Eh, a little bit more.10Shit, okay, we have definitely been conditioned to view boxes and barrels as very important because I lit up when you asked this.I'm not, but the one from Majora's Mask is nice.No.They are really just top notchNone of the aboveNoneMajora's Mask, or like, trapping my Sims in the restroomVery honest, there for youNone whatsoever
11/24/2017 19:07:43Gamer, Game Developer4I'll probably need to design like 2 sprite toilets, and to be honest. I think Ironically, like, as a funny goof, it's pretty amazing. And if you ARE serious about it, I hope you can change my mind. But TBH it can be interesting.4I love all the Half Life games. Vents are such a trope in sneaking and horror games, that to be honest they have become a cliche symbol and are quite funny. I would enjoy this subject, because unlike toilets, it is a centerpiece for game design. 10Alright, this is a huge topic man. I mean, these things are in literally every action game, sneaking game, horror game, hell even STORY game. I'd love to hear about the box phenomenon. Eh, it's alright.The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Chicago Sun Times, The Navidson Record by zampanoEVERYDAY MY MANI have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeAn object in a video game restrooms. It also can show to decay of an environment, such as in Half Life 2, urinals and toilets are strewn broken and shitstained amongst the ground, or if its disgusting in the bathroom, it says something about the building doesn't it? In a horror game, it may be filled with blood, to add to the scary ambiance. In Garry's Mod maps. You wont find a bathroom without literally the same model everytime. When I think of a toilet, I see that god damned model. Its like the image of Jesus in toast. Environmental Storytelling. This Survey.
11/24/2017 19:38:06Game Developer8something about having a little detail like a toilet makes the world feel more whole9crawling through air vents is a classic bit in lots of films and tv shows, but not really explored enough in games. They also add great puzzle design which is why I decided to add an air vent puzzle in an old game I worked on.10I personally just love boxesprobably my sims for the wii. it allowed you build your own toilet and even though using it does nothing for the character statuses, a little animation of sitting on the toilet plays. it was a very cute and innocent toilet interactionno sorry, im not that into videogame toiletsI need them to release bodily fluidsNone of the above
11/24/2017 19:52:02Gamer, Game Developer6Talking to you about their relationship to Jenkin’s ideas about ‘boys spaces’ increased me interest greatly4I think I spent half of my playing of Deus Ex: Human Revolution inside vents2I mean, they’re everywhereI liked dropping items into them just for gigglesNo, maybe I shouldI do a lot of my best thinking on the toilet, probably second only to in the showerI have read literature about video game toilets, I have worked on a toilet in a video gameI think toilets represent a crucial aspect of games role as ‘boy spaces’ in popular culture, as discussed by Henry Jenkins, that is their support of the fascination with bodily fluids and functionsPiling every unconciois body from the level (I think the doctor’s house) onto one in DishonoredThey’re always dirtier than the toilet in my apartment, so seeing one provides a nice boost in my self-confidence regarding cleanlinessI once found $40 in a bathroom stall
11/24/2017 20:06:09Game Developer9Love the flush3Don't love the whoosh5medium feelings on the crunchIt takes extra effort to make them do that animation and I appreciate itRobert Yang and Brendon Chung both post about game toilets sometimesduring an exam in high school i got so stressed out that i went to the bathroom and fixed the toilet in there. I have communed with them and they find me pleasing.I have read literature about video game toilets, I have worked on toilets in real lifeeveryone's gotta piss
11/24/2017 20:43:45Gamer, Game Developer6I always try and interact when I see one in game. 8They are often alternative paths8They explode/contain itemsseeing a toilet in a video gamen/aThe usualNone of the aboveLifeThe first time I accidentally drank from one in falloutBeing interactiven/a
11/24/2017 21:51:38Game Developer1I pee in the grass1AC is for pussys5Love them to store my crap.I don't like them, they are all full of shit"The Loo and You" / "Poopers Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition" / CNNToilets are for sissys real men poop out in nature.I have worked on toilets in real lifeI think a video game centered around toilets might just piss people off.Duke Nukem 3D busting open stalls and blasting aliens taking a dump with my shotgunIf you make a game with toilets be sure to include a squatty potty for proper colon alignementTomas Crapper won a patent as the original inventor for using a "floating ball cock" as a part of a water closet arrangement.
11/24/2017 22:47:48Gamer3Never really paid attention to them, but they are assets in a lot of different games, so it makes them kind of noticeable. Not many games have a practical use for them besides making the environment more realistic7Similar to above, but more often, games have gameplay elements surrounding air vents (i.e sneaking around).6Same as above, but with barrels/boxes (i.e finding hidden items, breaking...)I have worked on toilets in real lifeThe idea that beyond any story or action-packed adventure, there is a sense or normalcy, life goes on, and a part of life is bathrooms. Even your farvorite hero has to go at some point.
11/24/2017 23:07:51Game Developer10I made a game (Hot Tin Roof) where you use toilets to save.1Vents are way over played.1The world doesn't need any more video game crates.Functional toilets in Duke Nukem 3DI poop in them. It's p great.I have read literature about video game toilets, I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toilets, I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifePoop.Pooping on one to save the game.Pooping.I've read a lot of books
11/24/2017 23:11:32Game Developer3unless its a game where you travel in sewer pipes3unless its a game where you travel in vents5good space fillersthe varietyI have worked on toilets in real lifeincome levelit had poothey flush or overflow or contain secretsportals to other dimensions
11/24/2017 23:12:35
Gamer, Game Developer, Game Journalist, All of the above
2Never noticed them before you.9Many more uses for vents such as tunnels through stealth game maps etc.5Sometimes they explode?StevenN/AN/AI have worked on toilets in real lifesocialdying light pecha couchaN/ANo but don't forget urinals are toilets too. They come in all shapes and sizes.
11/25/2017 0:08:59Gamer, Game Developer3I can't really explain why. I only put 3 because I'm interested in the possibility that someone could make a game mechanic around video game toilets. And I would be interested to see what they come up with. 7This is higher because they could be a feature of the level design (lead to a hidden area or somethig)10Because they *traditionally* carry goodies or explodeThe usual roleNone of the above
11/25/2017 0:25:17Gamer, Game Developer3Until now I have never given it a second thought,but its the small details like toilets that make games feel alive8Depends on the genre but could be usefull in stealth games.vents are associated with comfort.IRL if you see a vent you feel comfy because the place has heating or cooling,so in a game you dont realize it but you feel more comfy10Any gamer enjoys finding lootI don't know man you did,just nowNoStarting to think this survey is trolling me nowI have worked on a toilet in a video gameThanks to GTA toilets are places to save your game,so a checkpoint or a point to relax and chill for a secondSplinter cell conviction,smashing the guys head into a toilet Yeah I hope noneMost of my toilet discoveries arent that interesting....I would even say pretty shit sometimes
11/25/2017 1:04:51Gamer, Game Developer7They usually contain some sort of loot.3They are just spinning around and you can't jump through.10They contain loot + they can explode, when shot!I remember interactions with those, where you can press E to make it... well get rid of what is inside.I don't think so. Maybe, if I am looking for 3D tutorial, some of the people use toilet as learning model.Do you even need to ask? I wouldn't shit on my doorstep.I have worked on a toilet in a video gameIf there is propaganda written on water case of toilet, it sure is very political influencing.First Mafia, taking piss while shooting everybody in hotel and then blowing it out. At least that toilet had the best possible last memory.If they are just well modelled. And if there is loot inside, ofcourse.I saw it in movie. If you take straw and put it inside toilet, you can breathe air trhough it.
11/25/2017 1:29:34Gamer, Game Developer10They're ubiquitous in real life, so I'm always looking for them in video games. In a populated world, they'd spend a lot of time in bathrooms daily, wouldn't they? I'm always wondering how the characters eat and sleep.2I don't interact with air vents much. In real life, vent work can't support human weight to crawl through.5I don't tend to see many barrels in real life, or boxes like that. I really like trash cans in video games though. I wonder why they're put in a place functionally and what useful thing might be in it. Plus, everything in a trash can is for sure free game :) I've done a bit of dumpster diving irl. Once I found a mail order only Predator action figure from the 90s, still in the box :0I was mapping/spriting an RPG in a modern setting. I spent a lot of time wondering what sprites I needed, looking around my own house and city, um, looking to create a certain sense of verisimilitude. I sprited things like fire hydrants, bathroom stalls, electrical outlets, coffee makers- flat blue carpets I remembered from my childhood and the dark stains that never washed out. So, every venue I made had a quiet area with men and women's bathrooms in it, in short.My first memory is when I was 5 and I was laughing so hard, but I didn't know why. So I asked my mom why. Apparently, she had just told me a story about accidentally falling into the toilet that was so hilarious it jarred me into consciousness, I guess :vI have worked on a toilet in a video gameYou use the toilet in No More Heroes to save :PMan I wish
11/25/2017 1:39:48All of the above10Every game probably has toilets, one way or another. They are very common. So you can compare toilets of each game easily. Some are interactive. Some are not. If developers add creativity, interaction or other detail to toilets... you know they care.4They are very boring to be honest. They slow down the pace of the game each time and they are becoming a cliche for disjointed level design/stealth.10Barrels make boom and that is fun.I told you already.Nitro rad did some stuff but not much.I poop in them. And pee as well, but I'd say pooping is more important for toilet specifically.I have worked on a toilet in a video gameI said it above, it is in almost every game. Different cultures have different toilets. If game is set in various locations, do developers copy paste toilets? Do they model their own ones? It shows understanding of cultures.In Counter Strike, there was poop in the toilet. You could shoot it and it would explode.Explained above already.Explained above already.
11/25/2017 2:27:55Gamer, Game Developer2There was that one scene in Splinter Cell, so I suppose there's not no interest...4Well, they're unimaginative, but they do fill a gameplay role...4Sometimes, when I shoot them, they explode.I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real life
11/25/2017 3:00:02Game Developer10Because crap can be unleashed there instead of the chat box.10Because they help reduce the annoying smell of farts, which our in-game characters will have to experience if we add toilets in videogames.10Because boxes often hide food and barrels often hide wine, and I love both.The retarded kids filling the chatbox with crap like "GET R3KT N00B", "i fuk ur mum", "i go afk", "CYKA BLYAT" etcNot really, unfortunately it seems that not a lot of people are aware of the issue :(They allow me to get the crap out of me without having to throw it on others.None of the aboveThey present the value of justice, since they allow all the players play they game happily and without having to deal with crap.Surpisingly in Roblox, where toilets are a must. Unfortunately there though the crap levels are so high that even toilets cant help it.Their sense of perfection.The number of crap you can put in them is bigger than you ever imagined.
11/25/2017 3:01:59Gamer, Game Developer1I don't see a reason to care about them other than them being a funny little doodad1Never considered this interesting5These often have loads of gameplay mechanics tied into them, and are just classicPoopNone of the abovePoopThe toilet ghost hand in Skyward Sword
11/25/2017 3:12:03Gamer, Game Developer7There is loot in them!9They are often "secret" pathways10Smash them for things - loot, health packs...Borderlands...I see them every day. They are like family to me: cold, heartless and unresponsive...None of the aboveThe current State of the USA: not necessarily bad on the first look, but if you dig deeper, you'll find a whole lot of shitIs very personalTheir contentsToilets are like your bank account: you desire strongly to open them and see whats inside - until you do...
11/25/2017 3:39:53All of the above2They are toilets2uhhh6They usually have free stuffLegend of zelda majora's mask the hand in the toilet.NoUsually the role they take is three times a day and usually takes a few minsNone of the aboveMay differ depending on the country Eg squat toilets vs flush toiletsMajors mask hand in toiletnothing reallyA cane toad was in mine once scared the crap out of me.
11/25/2017 5:27:35Gamer8Attention to detail10Attention to detail10Attention to detailAttention to detailN/AN/ANone of the above
11/25/2017 5:49:03Gamer7It's fun to find toilets in videogames, give them a sense of realism even on not-serioua games 8They can be a fun mechanic like in MGS9They can add a layer of stealth In FF7 there are a lot of toilets on different towns that do nothing, but are well designed NoI sent a good amount of time there checking social media or newsNone of the aboveN/ASaving in No More Heroes Different designs of toilets on each areaN/A
11/25/2017 6:19:05Gamer10I spend so much time on the toilet in real life. Video games are the only way I can increase toilet time without people thinking I'm weird.1Air vents are the scourge of the devil and you should feel ashamed for asking about them.10DONKEY KONG IS HEREWhen I was seven, I fell in one. I was never the same.I'm not really into game toilets so much as just a general toilet enthusiast. Next question please.I have worked on toilets in real lifeIt's interesting that so many video games have toilets, but video game characters never need to shit. I think if humans didn't have to shit, we would still keep building bathrooms. Because they serve a greater role than that. ability for it to transport waste from my hole.
11/25/2017 10:16:34Gamer, Game Developer10intrusion of the mundane into nominally fantastic spaces

it seems like toilets feature more prominently in videogames than in other media e.g. film. idk why that is but it's worth interrogating probably

opportunity to add "purposeless"/"meaningless" interaction (whereas most interaction in games is somehow purposeful or goal-directed)

somehow related to the way massive AAA games chase "realism" (visual fidelity) but i am not quite sure how
6hadn't really thought about them before now. but there is probably something interesting there if you look closely enough9they are pervasive

in many games there are lots of boxes and barrels but you can't put anything into them. containment logic isn't modeled. what's up with that
this tweet i am unaware of any such sources of toilet documentation. is there like a tumblr i should be following or somethinghonestly real life toilets are kinda supremely boring to me. they are only interesting when they crop up in fiction, because most fiction totally elides them. this is likely due to their profound boringness. fiction is supposed to be non-boring! so when toilets pop up in fiction i am paradoxically fascinated.I have read literature about video game toilets, I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toiletstoilets in games are a locus of paradox. based on how a game treats its toilets, you can get a sense for where it falls along several axes:

simulationism <-> abstraction
mundanity <-> fantasy
goal-directedness <-> sandboxiness
irony <-> sincerity

there are probably more. and like i said this also all intersects somehow with the way AAA games value visual fidelity above all else. what is it about AAA dev priorities that lead to the proliferation of toilets? idk but i really want to find out.
in paper mario the thousand year door there is a moment at which mario flushes himself down a toilet to travel between locations. normally mario travels through "pipes" but we don't really think about the implications of that because they are so pristine and abstracted. what even are those green tube things??? so when mario travels via an actual literal non-abstracted toilet it calls your whole understanding of the universe into question.talked about this a little bit already but i'm a sucker for the intrusion of mundane considerations into fantastic spaces. toilets in games represent a particularly acute form of this phenomenon.the extent to which someone cares about videogame toilets is a strong predictor of their skill as a game designer. you'll go far, kid
11/25/2017 10:19:09Gamer5They're like a chair but they have more functionalities2They can be pathways but they've been used enough lately 3They can have items or be explosiveNone of the above
11/25/2017 10:22:09Game Developer4They are a bit more interesting than real toilets, but still seem a bit gross, and generally are only used to put things in as a bit of mischief.4Sneaking around in them is fun. More to do with them than most video game toilets. But still just a featureless, rectangular metal corridor.2Stuff that holds other stuff is less interesting than the stuff it holds.My apartment was recently renovated and I only had access to our secondary, much less pleasant toilet for a week, and it was horrible. My partner and I called it a 'hell toilet'. I now better-appreciate the finer aspects of a nicer toilet (good atmosphere, flushing power, etc).None of the aboveMundanity, blue-collar, humanity, especially when contrasted to science fiction elements.I put a rubber duck in one. I forget which. Half-Life 2?Showing people really live in a place. Kitchens are better though.
11/25/2017 10:26:06
Game Developer, Game Journalist
9A toilet represents an entirely extraneous element in a video game. Flushable toilets even moreso. Interacting with a toilet is typically completely systemically valueless, but feels right in context, lending a feeling of authenticity without necessarily an increase in graphical fidelity. 4Air vents serve a much more obvious design purpose, a more interesting or shorter way of getting from point A to point B in a level. Being so obvious, they're inherently less interesting than toilets.1Similar to the vents, boxes/barrels serve obvious purposes: they provide cover, break up open spaces, and can have a variety of systemic applications. I dunno. Probably playing a lot of immersive sims. Nah. As opposed to video game toilets, toilets in real life are very uninteresting: they serve a simple purpose and generally have no complications. When they're interesting it's either in the broad sense of "indoor plumbing is a modern luxury granted only to those lucky enough to dwell in wealthy countries", or it's because they contain additional unusual functionality or design elements. Toilets are also much like most household items in that it's easy to forget just how much time engineers and designers probably spent trying to make the toilet as intuitive, functional, and visually appealing as possible. Sometimes I have a sudden realization that an ordinary object I'm using had to at some point be designed by a human being for a specific purpose, and I like those moments a lot. None of the aboveI'm not entirely sure they present values; I'm not tempted to do some kind of deep read on what video games obsession with toilets signifies. I don't, for instance, think it's some bullshit freudian subconscious obsession with excrement or bathrooms. I think they're just an easy way to add authenticity to a virtual space without adding too much complexity.Most of my toilet memories are tied up in the games they feature in, I don't think I have any specific favorite toilet memories that are about the toilet, just favorite video games that contain toilets. I feel like I explained this adequately in the section about what interests me about them. Japan is centuries ahead of the rest of the world in terms of toilet technology.
11/25/2017 10:30:14Gamer, Game Developer3Haha I'm sorry! I never realized they were such a huge item! But I have been known to stop in for an unnecessary toilet flush or two in Skyward Sword.3I usually don't consider the vent system in a game unless I suspect there is secret air conditioning treasure.8Mm boxes. They are pushable and stackable and breakable. Good stuff.Hahaha what? I want to read some video game toilet literature. There is clearly a vibrant subculture that I am missing out on.None of the aboveThe Oracle of ages toilet man.Psh, potty humor? No pun intended? Flush sound effects are weirdly funny.I will try to be more discerning about toilets in the future.
11/25/2017 10:36:35
Game Developer, None of the above
7Not too common, interesting in usage4Just below average would require a special vent to interest me5Just about as much as most folks, fun to poke fun at, generally boring.Robert YangRobert YangThey are not “polite”, but incredibly important.I have read literature about video game toilets, I have worked on toilets in real lifeTons, even in absence they reveal a lot about goals/values of the designers.Silent Hill 3 has a great bit with a toilet stall, in which an occupant is implied (in a spooky way), this bringing up insecurities with interactions with others in restrooms. Then the toilet is revealed latter to be empty and covered in blood, which is so schlocky/cheesy and good.Can I flush them? drinking out of toilets in fallout is p amazing
11/25/2017 10:51:05None of the above9There's still a novelty value. Often there's an easter egg attached. No-one puts a toilet in without a reason.4The novelty of being able to crouch wore off.2I am so sick of crouching behind crates They're crude, and I was young. I have regular butt pain. I have to seek out toilets in real life, too.I have worked on toilets in real lifeThey're boring real life elements. In the same way tv, film, books tend to skip over characters having to use them, and games do too. Characters don't have to eat, or even sleep, and almost never use the toilet.

In fallout, you never piss but you can drink from it.

A toilet is both a reminder that the character is meant to be human, but a reminder that the character isn't. I guess
Probably duke nukem 3d, first time i saw one that was interactive.They're a chance to smuggle in tiny detailsSquatting
11/25/2017 10:55:43Gamer8Looking for toilets and taking screenshots of them adds an extra "challenge" to each game.3I like them aesthetically, but I've never given them a second thought. 6I appreciate what they add to a game in terms of aesthetics, but I don't pay too much attention to them.I noticed some crudely modeled ones in games like No One Lives Forever and took screenshots of them, which then became a habit.No.In my life? None. I'm only interested in toilets in video games. I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toiletsHaving seen different types of toilets from different eras and cultures, they certainly communicate a certain slice of history and cultural heritage. One fond memory involves Saint's Row III, where you can briefly play as a sentient toilet bowl. Their design. I like discovering how developers implement such a mundane thing in a virtual environment. They're a popular place for easter eggs or little hidden things, like the disembodied heads found in toilet bowls in Sniper Elite 2 or a porn mag hidden in an outhouse in Hellforces.
11/25/2017 11:05:33Game Developer5I don't seek them out, but when they're there I notice. I treat them like a possible loot box or easter egg location, though I'm usually disappointed2I only care about them when they're involved in game mechanics, but that rarely happens in my experience10They are almost always connected to gameplay either as loot boxes, explosives, or something to climb onThis survey, haha. I never realized they were a subject of such focusNoWhen life becomes overwhelming, a toilet will grant you sanctuary for a few minutesNone of the aboveThe importance of privacy, and the subversion of itA long time ago, I was playing some PC game with a friend of mine. I forget what it was called, but you were some guy with a stick trying to sneak around some vaguely medieval setting killing monsters. At one point, you find an outhouse, and when you open the door, a monster jump out! But it doesn't try to kill you. It was just mad that you barged in on it. After it yells, it picks up its newspaper and closes the door again. My friend and I were scared, but laughed for days about that. Ever since then, I always checked the toilets in gamesSilent Hill and Resident Evil use toilets to good effect. There's usually a moment in each game where the protagonist has to reach into some gross toilet for a puzzle solution. I always wondered why they were in there, but it also encouraged me to look for clues in places that I wouldn't normally checkIn Deadly Premonitions, a police officer barfs over a toilet after a horrifying revelation. The victory image you see when you beat the chapter is that toilet
11/25/2017 11:07:54Gamer, Game Developer7they are amusing but i don't seek them out9nice, useful trope for transporting players while putting in a minimum of effort to level design10"time to crate" is my most beloved former online columngoldeneyeno but i am interested now that you mentioned they existI have worked on toilets in real lifethe bathrooms in that one level in goldeneye
11/25/2017 11:20:28None of the above9Because video game characters never seem to need a wee. Like, if you're the Dragonborn or whatever, you just jog from one side of Skyrim to another while blasting fireballs at dragons, but when do you stop for a comfort break? If you ask me, it's all a bit suspicious. I mean, where does all the wee go?9Because there's a lot of emphasis placed on sneaking through air vents - like, a whole level in the original Deus Ex - but have devs ever actually *seen* an air vent? Solid Snake is not a small man; there's no way he could fit in a standard air vent.10Because why are there boxes floating around Mario's world and how on earth does he break them with his head? Like, what eldritch horror-world has a different set of physics that apply only to boxes?Experience of toilets in real life.A quite pivotal one, given that I have Crohn's.I have worked on toilets in real lifeDeleting all the toilets in my Sims house.Um.
11/25/2017 11:21:12Gamer, Game Developer8They are objects in games that are often overlooked but placed in maps for the sake of realism rather than function. For example, PUBG - there are dozens of bathrooms per map, maybe even over a hundred. Why can't you flush them? I get that you would potentially reveal your position to nearby players, but the flushing mechanic would be such a wonderful easter egg. It would give a little bit of whimsy to a game known for its intense competitive pressure.4I've never consciously seen or noticed any in a game. I do notice air conditioners, though.1Common. The most interesting part about game boxes is that in Animal Crossing, you can customize the paint on the outside of a cardboard box. It looks pretty cute, too.Simulators like Animal Crossing where you can place toilets in a house are fun and got me interested. Oh, and when you go to an animal's house and they're sitting on their toilet, they'll freak out when you talk to them. Also, when you get off the toilet it makes a flushing noise!Unfortunately I do notI prefer clean toilets and currently where I am the toilets are not clean. I want clean toilets around the world for everyone. Also I sometimes sit on the lid of the toilet when I'm at home. Also I am extremely adept at fixing toilets when they break and overflowI have worked on toilets in real lifeThey represent the mortality of the player character. Why else would you be seeing a toilet if you didn't need to use one? Assuming you are human or some being that produces waste, that is. It kinda breaks the magic circle, I guess, and brings real-life inclinations of Yeah I'm A Dude Who Poops Too, rendering any abilities you have in the game superficial.Placing down a bidet-style automated toilet in Roscoe's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I made him his own bathroom. It was cuteThey're unexpectedly cuteThe pipes are fragile - beware
11/25/2017 11:21:12Gamer, Game Developer8They are objects in games that are often overlooked but placed in maps for the sake of realism rather than function. For example, PUBG - there are dozens of bathrooms per map, maybe even over a hundred. Why can't you flush them? I get that you would potentially reveal your position to nearby players, but the flushing mechanic would be such a wonderful easter egg. It would give a little bit of whimsy to a game known for its intense competitive pressure.4I've never consciously seen or noticed any in a game. I do notice air conditioners, though.1Common. The most interesting part about game boxes is that in Animal Crossing, you can customize the paint on the outside of a cardboard box. It looks pretty cute, too.Simulators like Animal Crossing where you can place toilets in a house are fun and got me interested. Oh, and when you go to an animal's house and they're sitting on their toilet, they'll freak out when you talk to them. Also, when you get off the toilet it makes a flushing noise!Unfortunately I do notI prefer clean toilets and currently where I am the toilets are not clean. I want clean toilets around the world for everyone. Also I sometimes sit on the lid of the toilet when I'm at home. Also I am extremely adept at fixing toilets when they break and overflowI have worked on toilets in real lifeThey represent the mortality of the player character. Why else would you be seeing a toilet if you didn't need to use one? Assuming you are human or some being that produces waste, that is. It kinda breaks the magic circle, I guess, and brings real-life inclinations of Yeah I'm A Dude Who Poops Too, rendering any abilities you have in the game superficial.Placing down a bidet-style automated toilet in Roscoe's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I made him his own bathroom. It was cuteThey're unexpectedly cuteThe pipes are fragile - beware
11/25/2017 11:29:59
Gamer, None of the above
9They're fascinating when they actually work and you can do some srs roleplaying and it's great for streamers and stuff to put together a story8Sure it can be a good game mechanic but it does not necessarily strike interest. Could be interesting to have air vents be used for storage of evidence, planting smoke/odor, etc. as part of the gameplay however (we did that in one of my tabletop games and it was a legit scenario)3too basicIts usage in half life 2 and sleeping dogs. In Obscure, the bathrooms were vaguely usable and it's cool IMO to be able to RP actually going to the restroom cause yknow.. we have needsI don'tI prefer clean bathrooms, and I think they're vital to life. I will not go camping because of the lack of proper toilets and plumbing. It is fairly sacred to me like I can only #2 in bathrooms of places with which I call home (my hotel room, my house, my bf's place, my friend's place who has a bidet and she keeps her bathroom clean, etc). Water is important and I require a bidet or a dipper (I have a portable dipper that I bring for traveling, it's actually a collapsible dog bowl).None of the aboveCivilization and being thoughtful of hygiene and cleanliness.The protagonist of sleeping dogs can wash his hands after using the bathroom. He has a pretty legit bathroom too, like it's realistically sized and functional.Flushing and washing handsI haven't seen a game other than the sims that actually incorporates toilet usage in the gameplay. Oh and leisure suit larry.
11/25/2017 11:55:25Gamer8As a trans person, gendered toilets are a large point of tension in my personal life. As a nonbinary person, the gendering people perform of and within these spaces is also a point of tension, in addition to being an unnatural concept to me. In video games where you play a protagonist, typically they are gendered. Often games with normal settings featuring public toilets will restrict you from entering the "wrong" one - such as the Sims. Post-apocalypse or destroyed-world settings will often "join" the bathrooms via collapsed walls, un-gendering the spaces, providing the protagonist with "permission" to enter both or either. Thinking of fallout 4, which I played a lot of, every time I found gendered public toilets, they were in a pair, and connected this way. Why? Is it some squeamishness that causes the developers to do this? Problems with small dead-end rooms?
Nongendered toilets (such as those found within homes) are much less interesting to me.
1I've never played a game where they were more than crawl spaces. In the U.K., our air vents are tiny and uncommon, even in offices - I perceive them as a game trope that doesn't really correspond to a real-life thing.4They can be really immersive, or completely un-immersive, depending on how they are used. In skyrim or hyperspace delivery boy or dwarf fortress, they have purpose and meaning, as does their position and level of interaction. In Nier, they are unrealistic, meaningless props for puzzles. This distinction between set dressing, container, and game element is interesting to me.I'm trans. Playing video games and finding the gendered space available to me was baffling and fascinating. Partly that the space was built the way it was - connected, "allowed", but also that there was never the tension or threat that accompanies me into real life bathrooms.At home - nothing interesting. In public - a constant challenge of knowing what toilets are around, are they gendered, which one is safer for me to go in, is it busy, will someone yell at me. It's hard.None of the abovethere's a strong push from the nonbinary community to de-gendering public toilets - the one in your house is unisex, after all. But games almost always depict public bathrooms as gendered, and rarely acknowledge trans people let alone nonbinary ones.
There's also a notable omission of accessible bathrooms, similarly correlating with the relative absence of disabled characters in games.
11/25/2017 12:25:51All of the above5i don't explore toilets much in video games; if they can flush that's cool but i usually don't go out of my way to see if they are interactive. 8if vents are in a game it normally means they are going to have a significant role in such; i'm worried about how much time i have to spend crawling through them. 7same as the toilets but i might be more likely to explore them for looting potential. horror games--immersion/distraction from scary things --they make life significantly easier None of the abovesocial value--immersion borderlands 2--the toilet opened and had the ammo i needed (all i used n the game were sniper rifles so i constantly needed ammo)amusing refer to previous answer
11/25/2017 12:54:05Game Developer7Personal spaces are a rare moment for grounding a fantasy space6They have tactical use, but have you ever seen a real air vent? Very rarely are they people sized.2They're boringI have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeThe simsDon't hide things in toilet cisterns.
11/25/2017 13:25:29None of the above2The best they do in games is usually being flushable or maybe destructible9I found playing as alien in AvP and being ambush predator great fun 3They usually contain loot and stuff but they rarely got creative uses outside of glitchesNothingDoes this site count?I use them to take shitI have worked on toilets in real lifeAbout as big as people make itI think one game allowed me to throw them at peopleImmersionMy hemorrhoids
11/25/2017 13:48:02Gamer, Game Developer7toilets tend to have surprises, like funny moments or powerups7Vents tend to lead you to hidden/secret places ot shortcuts.9Very high chance for lootDuke Nukem 3D thought me that as a kidno particularlyLive saver. Quiet "me" time and at times great satisfaction.None of the aboveGames who doesn't take them selves too seriously tend to include toilets in their gameIn Duke Nukem 3D. An alien unexpectedly was taking a dump and springs up to attack. Priceless fun.--
11/25/2017 15:06:00Gamer, Game Developer10Robert Yang brought that up to 115They seem played out. 1Wooden boxes and barrels are boring unless we're talking Donkey Kong. Games aren't doing anything interesting hereRobert YangNothing for me besides basic human function. Although bad toilets are... revolting.I have read literature about video game toiletsLiteral and metaphorical wastes of effort in most games. Entire game worlds to othersThe TearoomShininessJapan has it right with bidets. Come on America get your shit off your anus
11/25/2017 15:11:43Gamer5it's interesting to see how much detail was put in a game, but if there is no toilet animation, I won't really care2there is rarely something to do witk vents so i don't really care5if there are no possoble interaction with it, i don't really careNone of the above
11/25/2017 15:52:35Game Developer1Who cares!5They are beautiful and can serve gameplay10Sometimes they explode, can be used in gameplay NoNever!I see them a few times a day and try to forget about them the rest of the timeI have worked on toilets in real lifeNoneThe genderless bathrooms in some game, was it LawBreakers?Flushing themNope!
11/25/2017 15:56:03
Gamer, None of the above
4I like video games but toilets aren't my thing. I like other objects such as video game toasters more. 10I love air vents, I take a lot of pictures of them I've noticed. One was even the centerpiece of a collage I made7Things Are inside them, that's all. Wooden barrels are good simply because they are made of wood NWhere Toilets remind me of how I have to excrete waste and I don't want to None of the aboveMagnification of the commonplace seeks to legitimize common suffering on a new medium. In Dr Muto there is excrement floating in his toilet excrement is disgusting but decent design is notPorcelain and good design I have more fun pissing in the grass
11/25/2017 16:00:13Gamer, Game Developer5They're intriguing, but not compelling1Only ever see them from the inside8Are they for breaking? opening? pushing? standing? hiding? So much action is derived from a simple objectSome YouTube video enlightened me about their weird portrayal in game worldsToilets are only one of two things that I put my naked butt onI have read literature about video game toiletsMostly disgustflush flush flushThey're all either made to look gross, or to give the player something to interact with (flushing). Game developers rarely include toilets unless it does either of these things.
11/25/2017 16:59:22All of the above2i think they're _potentially_ interesting, but it's rarely realised in the videogame. obviously, robert yang has done great work in this space. silent hill games clearly care about them as well, though (as i don't play horror games) this is second-hand knowledge. aside from these examples, toilets (and bathrooms) tend to exist in videogames as a requirement for their plausibility as real places.1their potential use seems more limited (e.g., than toilets). they're linear or branching corridors that enable stealth or eavesdropping. it's hard to imagine what more can be done with them. the most interesting example of their use i can think of is in ape escape, where vents are accessible only to the remote control car. but even that feels a bit like a dead end.1they're a standard way to vary verticality within a space. their use as waist-high cover (for example) makes immediate spatial understanding possible (i.e., their presence and ordering clearly signify the likelihood of combat). their ubiquity (and currently limited function; cf. donkey kong?) makes it hard to imagine how they could be used in more interesting ways, but i wouldn't write them off entirely.the first thing that comes to mind when i think about toilets is my disappointment at having to wipe other people's piss off the seat every time i use the ones at work. i also have a number of anecdotes, all of which occurred at university: seeing a mostly empty bottle of wine in a cubicle; witnessing (from the neighbouring stall) a dude mostly missing the bowl while sitting down; seeing probably-underage students chug a litre bottle of vodka before a toga party. etc. None of the abovethe need to create a plausibly realistic space.nothing comes to mind; sorrytheir untapped potentialdisgust about bodies (our own, other people's) demonstrates a lack of self-awareness
11/25/2017 17:50:27Gamer, Game Developer10It's Virtual Shit. why not?10because i get to breath from a my constant drowning of memes and edgelords.10i get to hide in them and listen to vaporwave while thinking about memesme playing on my nintendo switch while taking a shit.Sadly not.well when i look at a shitty toilet with my shit in it i think of how shit my life will be in the future.I have read literature about video game toilets, I have worked on toilets in real lifeit shows us the meaning of lifetaking a shit in can flush, and can spray out colorful shit.sometimes they get clogged.
11/25/2017 19:43:04Gamer5If the toilet paper is put on the correct way.6Half Life 2 basically6Metal Gear SolidRedditnoNone of the aboveTo immerse yourself in the real worldfinding a gun in one in PUBGSome houses do not have toilets and it is really confusing.
11/25/2017 19:47:04Gamer7It's strange how things that are not commonly discussed in polite company, yet are inherent in everyone's lives are portrayed in video games3They're generally boring.6So they contain anything useful, or of monetary value?Games with fun Easter eggs that sometimes involve toilets (ie searching a toilet gives you a useful item)NoI use them nearly every dayI have worked on toilets in real lifeNone? All? I'm starting to think you're way more into this than I amSouth Park Stick of Truth mini gamesFarts and poop are funnyIn real life? No.
11/25/2017 19:51:01Gamer, Game Developer10i love giving blowjobs to guns10i like them10the maximum gunsdocumentaries: half life 2, life of pi, the communist manifestowithout toilets i would be nothingI have read literature about video game toilets, I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toilets, I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real life, None of the abovewithout toilets there would be nothing i already answered thistoiletyesTo be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid
11/25/2017 19:59:31Gamer5While they generally aren't important to a game, they are a place where a lot of developers put jokes or rewards. Like fallout loading the toilets full of ammo, caps, etc..7Vents offer a unique way to travel around an indoors map. When I think game vents I always come back to the opening of Outlast where he gets introduced in the vent. 1Boxes and Barrels often times come down to filler in my opinion. Oh you need to fill this space? Just put a box in there. Or a barrel, or a barrel on fire.

Often to bland and not used correctly
Fallout. In RPG's I'm the person to check every nook and cranny and this is where I have found that there always hidden secrets and jewels in the toiletsToilets work with electricity. Turkey a marvel of engineeringI have worked on toilets in real lifeSee final answerA wedding Ring in a Fallout toilet. With the husband stabbed by the wife and her note placed on the body as to why she killed him
11/25/2017 20:01:17None of the above3Never thought about it quite frankly, but it seems interesting1don't see a reason for it 2again, never thought about itNone of the above
11/25/2017 20:14:14Gamer10I liek 2 poop10I liek 2 breathe1BARRELS ARE THE ENEMY OF THE BRO ARMY!!!!!!!!!!PoopingNo i only poop.They are for pooping.I have read literature about video game toilets, I have written about (AND / OR) documented video game toilets, I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real life, None of the aboveThe innate right to poop.The Toilet i made in minecraft.the ability to poop.they are used for pooping.
11/25/2017 20:15:34Gamer, Game Developer10Toilets can actually say a lot about the environment and world that a game is situated5I feel like air vents are kind of a lazy way of getting around the map idk10Box lore can get very intense like sometimes by looking at the box, you can learn so much about the world.the toilet in overwatch's route 66 map that had lewd pictures of the female heroes (but was later removed)unfortunately not but please email me video game toilet social media pages at REDACTED FOR PRIVACYit's funny i'm actually on the toilet right now. toilets are like a sacred place where you can just sit, think about life, and poop.I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeliberal, progressiveflushing the toilet in a roblox game and the water turns yellow even though i flushed ittheir round white figure.... their varied housing whether it be a stall or an outback.... i love them.if you poop too big and the poop breaches the surface of the water, you only have about 30 seconds before it smells so you should be careful!
11/25/2017 20:15:49Gamer10because sometimes you can flush them and it makes a cool noise10because thats the only form of travel in the arkham games apparently 10i wish i could put a 12 because i love smashing the boxdavid baszuckiim actually starting up my own youtube channel to discuss video game toilets and showersi still think that it was a video game toilet that actually assassinated hitler but im not sureI have read literature about video game toilets, I have worked on a toilet in a video game, I have worked on toilets in real lifeit lets you know that no matter what, you always will have a place to shit when i gave someone a swirly in bullyi like when they light upive found that sometimes it isnt a good idea to take the back part off of a toilet
11/25/2017 20:20:46Gamer, Game Developer2My interest in video game toilets is roughly that of my interest in IRL toilets. If they are needed, then cool.2Same as above.5Boxes and barrels are a bit more interesting. They can contain things, and can be hidden behind.I poop in them.I have worked on toilets in real lifeI don't find toilets particularly memorable.I only find appeal in them if they serve some purpose to the game.I've found some interesting smells, for sure. Some are shaped better than others, and some are too high.
11/25/2017 20:23:03Gamer, Game Developer5never thought about them really - depends on usability maybe
5never thought about them really - depends on usability maybe5never thought about them really - depends on usability maybewas interested when I found things in them that I needed in the gameI didn't even know there are things like that :oUhm, I ... use them on a regular basis ... None of the aboveUh ... I don't think any ...Fortnite - you can find BACON in them ... BACON!Finding Items ... making a Horror game even more terrifying if it's a nasty one ... That - at least in Video games - I don't care when I find Bacon in it - I am still happy I found Bacon.
11/25/2017 20:23:29Gamer10No10I Like Air8SmashPeeNoI get to Pee in themI have worked on toilets in real lifeTHe human right rto peePeeing in skyrimThe Player Character can take a Potty BreakSometimes, a poop
11/25/2017 20:29:46Gamer10Video game toilets are great on an artistic level because they can be both elegant or vile in their design (I really love fallout 3 toilets). Additionally, video game toilets are a great way that developers really take into consideration the well being of MPCs and I think that's nice.5Vents in video games are cool aesthetically but I don't think they serve much purpose other than that :/10Barrels that go boom boom are funI love games that incorporate toilets in their design because game toilets are really underrated. When I see a really detailed toilet in game, I think not only about their design but also about how someone sat down and really put some love into that porcelain bowl. N/AToilets are where I spend a lot of time when I'm depressed because they're isolated. They're also everywhere; I feel like toilets are a really cool way that society really puts aside our differences and comes together for a common interest. I have worked on toilets in real lifeI think from a cultural standpoint, toilets present a way that players can relate more to the world of the game. Even in extremely foreign worlds like those of Fallout, Borderlands, The Last of Us, etc., we see toilets all over the place presented as everything from common relics of the past to improvisationally fabricated tools. Players always know right away when they're looking at a toilet and it perhaps provides them with the ability to better relate games with their real lives. My favorite game toilet memory is probably of the first toilet in Fallout that I ever drank from to replenish health. I thought it was really neat that the plumbers 200 years prior were so good that the toilets they installed still held water after living through a nuclear war. I thought it was even cooler that the water in all its irradiated, stagnant, and presumably shit-coated glory could still give me a good pick-me-up after a long day of fighting wasteland raiders. My favorite game toilets are ones that look really sketchy. I think a good example would be some of the toilets in GTA5 that Trevor uses. Toilets that are despicably vile but see regular use nevertheless make me laugh.I've found a lot of pretty good loot in video game toilets and that alone is more than enough to really respect a good toilet.
11/25/2017 20:37:27None of the above7They have a transportive and comedic quality 2Only can function as a transport method, little social value 7Historic signifance I have worked on toilets in real lifeOffensiveness
11/25/2017 20:42:31All of the above10You know hot fudge Sunday's? Me neither.1Porn1I feel like the incredible hulk when i destroy video gameI have a friend who really slaps my favorite twitch streamer funkywhen i was 4, i had really bad gas. I went to the hostpital and they said, "stop eating toilets". I told them to shove it. I then ran all the way back home after excaping the security guards by playing foot ball with hospital macaroni and cheese. THey thot they had me when I went into a room that had no windows...but they were wrong, i am a window. I showed them that I could do my moves and I was not scared to fight back. So i broke her neck. I LOVE TOILET AND I WILL RAWR AT ANYONE WHO DOESNT LOVE CARL SAGAN.I have worked on toilets in real lifethe i was only 4 years old and i had really bad gas.... I went to the local urgent care and I asked them if they played spyro? they told me "where's your parents kid" and i said, "where's your parents, kid" I think proceeded to do the macarina where you put your left leg in and take your left leg out and shake it all about. I was furious at this point cause I just wanted to play spyro and the so called doctors kept on screaming at me to put down the used needle trashcan."my body is a human toilet"-hentaiwhen you flsuh things that arent meant to be flushed the water doesnt go down, it gos up and its not fun. I thought it would be fun. its not. I tried to swimming cause it was summer, and I loves fun. I ALSO love SHREK MEMES. Le epic duck told me i have no pancake mix so I BURNT WITH CIGARETTE. i have stoma.. i have cancer.... jk lol but i cant stop its a problem. help. I spend so much money on cigarettes and my family is deprived because i keep spending on cigarettes. I have been to many counselor and i have even been consuler at one point in my life but i just love cigarette. let me tell you a story. once upon a time, there was a little mason at the age of 2 - 1 years old. he just came out of the womb and saw the most glorius of was a doctor and he had....a stealthloscope. that image was burned into him mind so he broke his back and threw him out the window. he was angry... the doctor only bounces twice. so he also jumped out window but remembered he forgot he was still coneccted to his coooking mama. he started to hang himself with and umbrella chord but was too strong. he saw a woman on the ground level and she of those. a cigarette. he transforrmed himself into kirby the hedgehog and gobblle like mother flipin chicken. he was so wet. he nosed dived down directly at the cigarette and ate them. it was in this moment he realized this wasnt just a story, it was the real deal. he felt punkd. he felt abandoned so he robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. They say autism isnt for everybody but for me.......i say would you like fries with that. This is how little may may found out about the catholic religion...he loved it. Amen, god bless, smoke cigarettes.
11/25/2017 20:42:41Gamer10I found a level 61 legendary in borderlands 2 in one2Horror games ruined them
10Ammo/armor in wolfensteinMy friendNopeSave pointsI have read literature about video game toilets, I have worked on toilets in real lifeNopeLegendary storySave points and lootOften dirty in games
11/25/2017 21:00:17Gamer3In a game such as West of Loathing, where toilets serve a both comedic and functional purpose (gaining experience points by flushing) they can be quite amusing. Otherwise, I tend to overlook them as just another fixture for the atmosphere. 8Air vents can be a great mechanic in games, be it crawling though them, finding hidden objects within them, or having things blown around by them. For example in Outlast, climbing into the air vents to escape enemies and progress to new areas is exciting. Overuse of crawling through them can be frustrating. 10Boxes and barrels immediately draw my attention in video games. They either contain items of interest, or are great hiding places. A very common item in many games, upon seeing a box or barrel, I am very likely to investigate them about 9 times out of 10. Unless of course, the object is clearly inaccessible. West of Loathing had a cute and clever way of utilizing toilets. No. I do think it's interesting that there are different kinds of toilets, and they can be a comedic topic of conversation. Such as how in Japan, there are seemingly primitive squatting toilets, or very high tech toilets, and no in between. None of the aboveToilets can actually sometimes have an impact on the setting of the game. Different kinds of toilets are seen in different cultures. Corpse Party actually has my favorite toilet scenes. In the original 1996 game, Yuka needs to use the restroom and the stall is flooded with blood (this can lead to a bad ending if incorrect choices are made.) Then in Corpse Party: Blood Covered, Seiko Shinohara, who has gone missing is found hung in the bathroom stall, swinging above the in-ground toilet, just barely alive. Oh alright fine, one more. In Outlast, the character Richard Trager pulls out a large pair of shears from a urinal, which he then uses to remove your fingers. As an avid horror game fan, I like seeing things that are usually comical or completely overlooked being used to scare you, especially being done well. The idea of what may be comfortable no longer being safe is what I love in horror. Not quite relating to games - there's a true story about a duke who was murdered by an assassin hiding in his toilet. The assassin impaled him in the rear and left him, several days passing before the duke finally died from his injury. (Godfrey the Hunchback if you'd like to look into it more.) Aside from that, like I've mentioned, being able to flush the toilet to gain experience points in West of Loathing just cracks me up! I
11/25/2017 21:06:38None of the above1It takes time from looting.2They may contain loot.9Because looting is the point of video games.My avatar had to go.Space Quest IVWhat is wrong with you?None of the aboveI believe that toilets in video games represent the manner in which political ideologies are played out all to be good until Humans get involved.Space Quest IVFlushing data.No comment.
11/25/2017 22:00:11None of the above3Don't think about them much, but would probably listen if someone told me about them.3See above1FUCK CRATESn/an/ai shit in them, also pee.None of the aboveluigiidksometimes you can flush them and that's cool, often you can't and that's fine tooyou can hide stuff in the tank if you put it in a sealed bag and get it back later.